Current Events Deception False Flag

It’s finally (kinda)

released. BUT

Oh wow. I didn’t think it would ever happen. And it didn’t, voluntarily. BUT, there may be other stuff; It is not complete. Nor does it answer the question of why the Left so desperately wanted to hide it. Is it just the anti-Christian stuff and the racism against whites? It’s hard to imagine that that is all it was about. 

But just why did the PD spokesman say that it was “so detailed “ that it was dangerous to release? THAT sure doesn’t fit what we have so far! So why was it kept secret for months if there was absolutely nothing there? And why a partial release now? What changed? It all just makes no sense! 

And when things make no sense, you can be absolutely sure that you don’t have some crucial information. I think that the information was GOING to finally come out, so the Leftists in charge “beat them to the punch” and released it (mostly) themselves with some cock-and-bull cover story.

“Leaked,” my butt. It wasn’t even the complete text! The “release” is very obviously a disinformation ploy. All smoke and mirrors. What was originally reported as the reason why it could not be released was not even there!

So HUH? There’s something screwy, here! Bank on it.

UDATE: But is it actually the “manifesto?” Or was it just some other set of psychotic ramblings?

Someone leaked three pages of notebook paper in Hale’s handwriting to Steven Crowder. These pages are not the “manifesto,” although they may come from the same notebook. Rather, they appear to be the notes that Ms. Hale made on the last days of her life

With additional information, my guess is this: What was revealed was done so on purpose, and it wasn’t the manifesto at all. It was just some wacko rantings. And it was not a “leak” at all–it was a strategy.

In my view, even more salient than the ideological question on which the “manifesto” would shed light is the chemical question. Audrey Hale was caught up in the “trans” fad. Shortly before her death, she decided that she was “really” a man. Was she undergoing the chemical regimen associated with sex change operations? I don’t know. I am not sure whether this has been publicly reported. But rates of mental illness are sky-high among those who believe themselves to be “trans,” and it could be valuable for health professionals to know whether a chemical regimen contributed to Hale’s homicidal mental condition.

But all of that will have to wait for another day. The “manifesto” is still hidden, and honest discussion of the biological implications of sex-change procedures is still far off.

Now it makes total sense that if this person was damaged by trans “treatment” and was, in fact, made more violent because of said treatments, that would make those who prescribed and encouraged her be personally as well as professionally legally liable. And with that precedent, prescribers and hospitals around the country IMMEDIATELY become legally liable for bad outcomes.

And no one would ever do it again because it would be legal suicide.

So the Left and ALL those involved in the “trans” fad would have a HUGE incentive to keep these things under wraps! THAT would well explain the release of “red herring” information to Crowder, too.

Suddenly things start to make sense…

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