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It’s time for Democrats to panic.

Oh, and the election is a year away, so things may get even worse for Biden…

But again, this is a “devil’s dilemma” for Democrats–Kamala rightfully is the next Democrat candidate. And can you just imagine the anger and protest from the African-American community if she is passed over?

But I really have doubts about the polls. NO ONE answers their phone anymore, if they even HAVE a land line. YouGov is online, but then how do they account for ‘bots? How do they get a representative sample? Are people who are willing to follow an online link different than others? Do partisans respond at a different rate than others? Yes, the pollsters have algorithms, but in that case it is just how the notoriously Lefty YouGov and CBSnews “massage” the data.

I strongly suspect that these Leftist are reporting the strongest results possible for Biden. And yes, even then Biden is trailing badly.

But yeah, Biden is losing.

It’s hard for this veteran presidential politics junkie to think of a more catastrophic collapse of an incumbent president in modern history than Joe Biden. Sure, Richard Nixon comes to the minds of some, but he was brought down by a single issue (the Watergate scandal).

… The Times/Sienna Poll shows Biden losing to Trump by margins of three to 10 percentage points among registered voters in Arizona, Georgia, Michigan, Nevada, and Pennsylvania. Biden leads in only Wisconsin — and by just two points, at that.

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