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Last night

I voted in a local election in my fairly conservative area. And it was rather disturbing that there was no party affiliation mentioned for any of the candidates. Even on yard signs all but one didn’t even mention party! Most people just had to buy a “cat in a bag” when they voted.

One candidate even had ALL information behind an onerous wall, and you had to “subscribe” in order to get in. Boy, that just screams, “Lefty Ploy!” Fortunately, I found a tweet of hers saying how much she loved the WH portraits of Barack and Michelle Obama! I guess THAT kind of let the cat out of the bag, eh?

So the candidates ALL had flowery words about how they want what is good for the people, etc. But they were forbidden to state their party affiliation in advertising–and all but one complied!

This is classic Leftism: Make some (very) superficial arguments about how you are all for cute puppies and babies and generic good things, but don’t reveal who you really are!

Fortunately, many of us have smartphones and can look those buggers up while voting… But most people are not nearly that motivated, unfortunately.

See, Leftists are almost always “stealth candidates.” Like the Haitian proverb says, “If you knew what chickens ate, you wouldn’t eat chicken.” Yep, if you knew these people’s Leftist beliefs, you would NOT vote for them!

Yes, Lefty campaigns are built primarily on deception and outright lies. They need to hide who they really are so as to sneakily gain power and dominion. Devilish!

And Republicans were total gulls to agree to not advertise their party affiliation. Not everything that sounds kinda OK actually is!

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