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Don’t hold

your breath.

But indeed, it IS a beautiful thought!

But I would just like it to become a legitimate threat so Democrats have to spend time and money defending California! They won’t. But still:

For Biden: The Berkeley GIS’s most recent poll shows Joe Biden finally has a majority of Californians disapproving of his job as president. 52% of Californians voiced their disdain for the president, demonstrating that there is finally a breaking point for citizens. This upward tick in disapproval came completely from Democrats and independents, as almost all the state’s Republicans had already disapproved of Biden’s job.  

For Newsom: For Gavin Newsom, he boasts a 49% disapproval rating, with only 44% of Californians thinking he’s doing a good job. The 7% who don’t know might be part of the homeless encampments in San Francisco doped up on fentanyl, but they were unavailable for comment for PJ Media as I was too afraid to park my car there to ask their thoughts.

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