Corruption Dishonesty DUH!

Folks, Joe’s

nightmare is probably coming. He is very clearly corrupt, and it looks like that may well catch up with him! There are indeed TONS of problems in the world, many mis-managed by “Biden.”

But wait! That’s not all!

And now comes the threat that hits closest to home: The president likely will be impeached by Republicans over his involvement in his family’s corrupt influence-peddling schemes.

… One of the clients, a Chinese energy conglomerate, sent $5 million to a joint account controlled by Hunter Biden and a Chinese national. The money arrived days after Hunter said on a 2017 WhatsApp message to a company leader that he was sitting beside his father and both would never forget a failure to send the money, which Hunter claimed was owed for previous work.

… Comer puts it this way: By taking Chinese funds, “Joe Biden exposed himself to future blackmail and put America’s interests behind his own desire for money.”

Joe is compromised, pure and simple. And one MUST take that fact into account when one interprets his behavior.

Recall that, once upon a time, the president claimed he had never discussed his son’s business with him. When photos and emails on Hunter’s laptop proved otherwise, the White House retreated to the claim the president was “never in business” with his son.

And THAT is very typical Democrat behavior–start with a “big lie”(such as that there is no voter fraud) and then slowly go to fall-back, strategic retreat position after fall-back position in an obvious strategic retreat, as each of the earnest-sounding prior pronouncements in turn becomes less defensible or even believable.

So the first step was that Joe never even discussed business with Hunter. Then it was that he had nothing active to do with Hunter’s business. The next position was that he just talked about the weather with those Chinese officials.

And each position is more ludicrous and janky than the previous one!

What do you think his next posish will be?

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