Bad Faith Current Events

Good, good.

The good guys should win this race. Yes, it’s a pretty serious blow to Democrats to have Manchin leave the Senate. It means they virtually for sure lose that seat.

Still, Ronna ROMNEY McDaniel certainly sabotages conservative efforts if she possibly can. We probably won’t lose WV, but Ronna will try very hard to make sure we lose, overall. I mean, she’s managed to lose every single time for years, even when expected to win! And yet inexplicably still keeps her job… So Democrats have THAT going for them!

BUT, it gets even worse for them! (and what is bad for Democrats is good for the American people): Manchin could run a 3rd-party Presidential campaign…

Polls show Biden is still struggling with very low approval ratings. The last thing he needs is a center-left spoiler candidate who could peel off a few percentage points from his totals. If it were anyone else, I’d assume party loyalty would come into play and keep him out of the race, but Manchin has been bucking his party for a long time. He may just succumb to the allure of a presidential race.

This author thinks Manchin might actually do it, that he “bucks the party.” The author is a naïve hayseed who is buffaloed by Manchin’s PR that he is some kind of a “maverick.” But I really don’t believe it. At all.

Manchin may talk a big talk, but he is unlikely to ever do anything that actually challenges the Democrats. He is just a “stealth” Lefty.

He is all hat and no cattle. Just you watch.

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