When you mess

with human hormones, bad things almost always happen. REALLY bad things!

This anger, resolve, and hatred hint at something the coroner would not confirm—it seems likely that Audrey Hale had taken cross-sex hormones, probably testosterone, before the shooting.

I think it is entirely probable that the shooter was taking testosterone. AND, if the shooting took place mainly because of those injections, is there a tort action against the prescribers possible?

I’m NOT an attorney (nor am I giving legal advice), but here is my understanding: There are three legs of the “malpractice/tort stool,” here:

1) Was there was a professional duty. This is the easiest one to establish. Was the person a patient? It’s pretty easily answered, in general.

2) Was there a violation of that duty? Was what was done medically justifiable? Was it in keeping with usual treatment? Yeah, they had a stuffy nose and they were one of those very rare people who were allergic to the medicine (that is standard treatment) I gave them, and they died. But THEY didn’t even know it and I asked about drug allergies–THAT is an indication of no tort.

3) Were there damages due to the violation of that duty? Was the treatment received the “proximate cause” of those damages? Is it true that they would not have been damaged “but for” the faulty treatment I gave?

So this opens up medical treaters to HUGE liability from the families of the victims, as well (possibly) to the shooters’ families and to others.

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