Deception Political philosophy

But, YOU can’t

be fooled, right? I mean, you are certain that your political views are correct, right?

Those of us who are not na├»ve hayseeds or hidebound shills have a little humility and understand that just because we like an idea or someone told us something we like, just because we are cocksure really doesn’t mean that we are right. We also need empirical evidence along with that persuasive theory.

This guy is skilled. But there are others out there that are also skilled at deception. SPOILER: He’s not actually magic–this is sleight of hand. And some others work in different mediums–like politics. And some, like this guy, are very good at what they do.

So, the ONLY way to reduce (but of course not eliminate) your chances of being snookered is to lean hard toward a historical empiricism. Every “pretty” theory is not actually true! Let’s look at actual results.

With that in mind, the question is what has been shown to work in the past. We need some hard data to go along with that pretty theory. Don’t be confused by mere “fancy talk.”

In Conservatism, one doesn’t worship the ashes of the past, but works toward the preservation of fire! THAT is what Conservatism is all about. It is a historical empiricism.