Look, it’s a

cesspool. Good parents don’t knowingly allow their children to go on facebook.

Investigators in New Mexico created a fake account for a seventh-grade girl named “Issa Bee,” complete with AI-generated photos of her. Issa quickly attracted “thousands of adult followers who deluged her with both invitations to join private chat groups and sex content featuring both children and adults,” according to the Wall Street Journal.

… Among other, equally lurid offenses, including allowing “users to find, share, and sell an enormous volume of child pornography,” and serving “underage users a stream of egregious, sexually explicit images — even when the child has expressed no interest in this content.”

… There is, of course, an easy way or two to protect kids from the predators who have made Meta their playground. Parents could use the safety controls on their kids’ smartphones to prevent them from installing any social media apps. Meta could refuse to allow children on its platforms. But too many parents are willing to give in to their kids’ demands for their own “Instas,” perhaps unaware of the platform’s issues with child predation.