Current Events

Yeah, I think Biden

is very possibly going to be kicked to the curb by the DNC. The problem is: “And then what?” Because they have to do something! And THAT is what may keep Jell-O Joe as the nominee.

“The base of Blacks, Hispanics, Asians, LGBTQ+ community, Gen Z, millennials, unmarried and college women give [Donald] Trump higher approval ratings than Biden.”

And it really IS a problem. They can’t even get different people on the ballots, now (except maybe by lawsuit). Will Joe just meekly be a “good soldier” and bow out without making a ripple in the pond? Ya think? Maybe. But I doubt it.

But even if that happens, what do you then do with Kamala? She can’t win–her approval numbers are even worse than Joe’s! Plus, she’s a cackling moron. And do you think that if you tried to replace her she would just go softly into that good night? I sure don’t. And even if she does, will Black voters be OK with her being obviously passed over for a (wait for it, waaaiiit for it)—white male like Newsom?

I mean, how do you solve a problem like Kamala? The real problem is NOT getting rid of Dirty Dementia Joe. THAT could certainly be done with relative ease. It is getting rid of Kamala that would be the real problem! And maybe an insurmountable one. We shall see.