Dishonesty Epic fail Treason

Yeah, whatever,

Joe. Freakin’ liar…

Joe Biden Announces Border Is Broken After He Broke It – Says He Can Fix It When He Hasn’t – Asks for Authority Which He Already Has – Wants You to Believe He Will Take Action When We All Know He Won’t

That’s the headline. Oh, and how he spent your tax dollars:

Joe Biden later sold these border wall parts for scrap to some lucky soul for pennies on the dollar.

What a turd he is!

Over ten million illegals have now walked across the open border into the United States since Joe Biden took office.

…In December a record 302,034 walked across the border into the United States. More migrants crossed into the US in one month than the total population of several prominent US cities like Buffalo, St. Louis, and Greensboro, North Carolina – IN ONE MONTH!

Regardless of whether you consider yourself a Democrat, a Republican, or an Independent, are you paying attention to this?