Current Events

I’m telling you,

I think the political “hit” on Biden has been put out there. What we are seeing now is a deliberate campaign. I now think, for the first time, that Joe is done. He won’t be the 2024 Democrat Presidential candidate.

Now, there are some serious problems associated with ditching Joe, and I have talked repeatedly about those. But I think that now it is indeed happening. I mean, I understand that the DNC folks could unilaterally declare a new nominee at the time of the convention. So yes, it could happen (as I understand it).

And the writing on the wall is becoming increasingly clear. The selected MSM biggies have apparently given the go-ahead for the MSM to attack Joe, and once one “elite” news source does it with impunity, many others will get the message that it is OK or even desired.

Is it directed? Not exactly. But when the King says, “Will no one rid me of this meddlesome Priest?” we ALL know what that means! And you can bet that someone will