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Yes, but Carville

assumes that Joe Biden is capable of doing such an interview and looking at least OK. But I think that is a faulty assumption.

Democratic strategist James Carville slammed President Joe Biden‘s decision not to sit down for an interview prior to the Super Bowl, saying it shows a lack of confidence to perform well.

Look, we ALL know very well why Biden did not do an interview. It would be catastrophic if he crashed and burned. And there was always a much better than even chance that he would indeed crash and burn!

Oh, and one more thing:

Carville predicted that Biden will not debate his Republican opponent ahead of the November election while also saying how age does not get better with time.

“And he’s not going to do debates,” Carville said. “He is old; I know what it is because I’m almost as old as he is, and it’s never going to get better.”

Of course he’s not. Take that to the bank, Jack!