Pandemic Panic Porn Pimps

Hey Branch COVIDians,

pay attention to the DATA!

In fact, in our research, we could not find any correlation between lockdowns and excess deaths. 

In other words, the lockdowns did nothing to help! BUT, they did cause human misery!

The impact of lockdowns on mortality rates may have been inconsequential, but the economic effects were overwhelmingly negative. The more a country locked down, the larger the decline in GDP. The UK recorded a fall in GDP of almost 10 per cent – the largest decline in output in modern history. In Sweden, in contrast, the fall in economic output was actually less than that during the financial crisis of 2008. The Swedish economy had fully recovered by early 2021 and is now about six per cent larger than it was in 2019. [emphasis added]

COVIDians, YOU were wrong Sweden was right. I think you need a little humility, here…