Current Events

Folks, don’t

kid yourselves. It is coming.

There is a large group of regular people who, while not being able to afford the life of a billionaire, can still ape the social mores of the billionaire class (often to their detriment). It’s like a kid whose dad rents them a limo and driver for prom—for a few hours the kid gets to pretend that he is unbelievably wealthy and important. 

But eventually, these kids will grow up and turn away from that nonsense. They realize that it is just a lame fantasy. They realize that that is not who they really are. And they turn against the image (idol) that they used to worship from afar. They mature and realize that those in the billionaire class are almost always NOT their friends. 

The damage being done by the oligarchs’ green agenda is now fuelling a rebellion from the beleaguered European, British and American middle and working classes. Many are becoming increasingly sceptical of elite environmentalism, just as they have been consistently hostile to woke ideas on law enforcement, transgender issues and racial quotas.

So yes, I can immaturely ape Lefty billionaire oligarch behaviors. But soon I realize that I am not really one of them. And here’s the real kicker: I don’t even want to be.