Current Events

Well, yes.

I’m a post-doc trained child psychologist and I knew THAT very well. DUH! And I’ve been saying it for years!

The new study from British pediatrician Dr. Hilary Cass confirms what we’ve always known: Children presenting with sudden onset gender dysphoria are actually suffering from other mental health diagnoses—not true gender dysphoria.

Look, I’m old. And I’ve seen crazy psych fads come and go (satanic ritual abuse, anyone? “Recovered” memory, anyone?). I’ve seen a lot of bull-you-know-what in my professional lifetime.

And this “Trans” fad is no different. People and hospitals will start getting sued, and then it will stop. Just like always. It is already well underway.

Mark my words, in three years NO ONE will even admit they were a part of it. And it will be yet another kooky “treatment” of the benighted past.

And still, there will lots of people around who will be forever surgically mutilated by this. What a tragedy! And what an evil…

Along with the COVID hysteria that caused untold developmental problems for kids, this nonsense will do its part to make this in coming years referred to as a truly “dark age.”