The loons’ panic

knobs jump to 11.

As we inch toward Election Day 2024 you will notice the shame-free commie media screechers trebucheting ever greater amounts of fear-mongering bovine feculence. Remember, the left throws anti-Trump dooty against the wall, hoping that even if it doesn’t stick, it might at least leave a stain.

… Lewis’ attempted “re-re-education” is directly out of the Marxists’ playbook. I know several gay men who, like Lewis, truly believed Trump was going to round them up if he won in 2016. Trump was victorious, yet my gay friends and Lewis still walk free. Lewis also ignores the historical data that minority unemployment under Trump was at┬árecord lows. Marxists don’t care about reality. In fact, they loathe it. Fortunately for sane Americans, the truth is easy to find for anyone with a phone.

… But pushing such Trumpphobic codswallop today is akin to wearing parachute pants (sans irony) to a party this weekend. It’s like showing “Reefer Madness” at a pot dispensary. Most people know effluvia when they smell it.