Political Strategy

In general, its

a lot safer to vote early. And the voting machines don’t”suddenly malfunction” and change your vote. It is on paper.

How about Maricopa County? You remember that? When and where did the problems arise? In Republican precincts on election day. They suddenly had the wrong ballots, or the machines didn’t work, or whatever. And people left because they couldn’t wait around. But if they had voted early…

… If all those Arizona Republicans had taken advantage of early voting and mailed in their ballots or gone and done early voting at one of the polling places, that wouldn’t have happened. Learn from your mistakes.

… Again, I wish things were different. I wish we had one day voting like they do in the rest of the civilized world. But that’s not the world we live in. That’s not the battlefield we’re fighting on. We don’t have that choice. Should we work for it? Yeah. And you know what would be helpful in that battle? Winning some freaking elections so we have the legislative majorities to enact those laws. But right now, we don’t. Right now, we have to find each location and figure out exactly how to get as many ballots counted as possible. That’s all that matters. Good intentions don’t matter. Wishing doesn’t matter. Wanting doesn’t matter. Counted votes matter. And only counted votes.