Captain Obvious

Pay attention to

how Republics die. ANY casual student of history knows what lies down this dark path of hounding Trump with the legal system. You know this has happened before, right?

But never doubt the ingenuity of bureaucrats armed with the tools of a weaponized department of justice. The Wall Street Journal had an excellent summary of the bizarre hermeneutical gymnastics that went into turning a possible minor misdemeanor into a thirty-four-count felony charge. 

But can we get Lefties to quit it? They seem Hell-bent to go down this road, and very much are blissfully ignorant of the KNOWN consequences of their behavior. Most are, I assume, quite ignorant of history. That or they tell themselves comforting fairy tales about how their actions will somehow not lead to national disaster. They are lying to themselves…

Only later, when we move on to the anterior phases of digestion, will the meaning of this spectacle become clear. Eventually, and soon, it will be born in upon us that (to allude to Eliot again) this is the way the republic ends, not with a bang but a perversion of the law.  

Understand, Lefties, there are HUGE and unavoidable consequences to your actions. Don’t. Just stop it. Now!