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Can Biden

win? Without gross cheating, I mean.

How can Biden win when, apart from his other defects, 57% think he is simply too old for the job? And that perception is not going to weaken between now and November. Biden has signaled that he does not intend to debate Donald Trump. I don’t think he can. He isn’t up to it. The Democrats will try to sell the absurd idea that Biden isn’t afraid to debate, he just doesn’t want to “legitimize” Trump by sharing a stage with him. Right. When Biden refuses to debate Trump, it will seal the conclusion in just about every voter’s mind that he simply isn’t up to the job.

Biden will never debate Trump. Biden would look absolutely horrible!

But you really should read the whole article. Because, “But wait, there’s more!”

Now, it’s clear that “Biden” will engage in cheating on a cosmic scale. That’s why I encourage Conservatives to vote early. Bank your vote. Cuz I guarantee you that there will be predominantly Conservative places that will, “unexpectedly” have “glitches!”

I agree: One-day purple-finger, secure voting is best. It is what I want. But that is NOT what we have right now…