Defensive Avoidance Dementia Joe

Step one:

Biden refuses the Presidential Debates Commission.

Biden is not YET saying he will refuse any debate with Trump, but I strongly suspect that is coming–this is just the first step. Maybe team Biden will risk one meth-laced debate, but probably not even that. Still, Biden may be so behind in the polls that it is a kind of “last gasp” gambit on his part–shoving all his chips into the middle of the table, so to speak.

And the hope (for Biden’s camp) is that Biden can not crap his pants on stage and, with MSM cheerleaders and “ringer” moderators doing some very heavy lifting, seem almost cogent for that hour or so.

UPDATE: Huh. I honestly thought it would never happen. But maybe it will! The truth is, Biden has to do something to stop the bleeding. That is what may be behind this.

I really thought that Biden would never debate. But it appears now that I was wrong. Let’s see if it actually happens.

“I’m ready to go,” Trump said. “The dates that they proposed are fine. Anywhere. Anytime. Any place. Let’s see if Joe can make it to the stand-up podium.”