Illegal Immigration Immorality


good! Because this evil. It is flat-out malicious.

Evil Media Flying Monkeys

Understand well.

Two things are going on simultaneously here, First, the effort to throw Hunter under the bus in order to protect Joe (and the Democrats in general).  Hunter has therefore become something of a sullied “sacrificial lamb,” here. 

But the second and VERY related thing is the DNC/MSM frantically trying to save the Democrats first and foremost. So, they reason, let Joe Biden be the “fall guy” for them. 

And the political “hit” has already gone out on Senile Joe. THAT is why The NY Times and other MSM flying monkeys are now finally reporting on it!

Current Events War

Where we are now.

So the Ukrainians have booted the Russian invaders completely out of the Kyiv area. Wow! So much for the vaunted Russian ground forces! Yes, Russia is a nuclear power. But it very much appears that they are not much else.



You can’t make this crap up! When a hard Leftist shill gives Biden a “C” for the week, you know there is trouble right here in River City!


Yeah, it is

a disgusting travesty, The FBI knew!

Dishonesty Media Flying Monkeys

Yeah, you wonder


Because the game now is to get rid of senile Joe. THAT is why the NY Times and others are “all of a sudden” reporting on things that we have freakin’ known for years.

Don’t be snookered…


Yes, yes

you are

Current Events Evil

You know,

I do think Disney is on very shaky ground right now. They are foolishly alienating their base.

Evil Clown Losers


has screwed up, big-time!

Current Events

Ukrainians have

won the battle of Kyiv.

OK, now what for Russia? They have been exposed as a third-rate fighting force who ha nuclear weapons. It is, in many ways, catastrophic for Russia. This was an incredibly bad move by Putin, and it very clearly a direct result of bad advising. If Putin is to survive, he has to stop surrounding himself with yes-men.

And there is a real lesson in that for the rest of us!