Have I not been

telling you over and over that modern environmentalism IS a religion? A pagan one to be sure, but one complete with saints, prophets, sins, confession, and indulgences.

So yes, of course it is a religion! It is certainly not science!

The political opinion that humans cause most or all climate change and the claim that so-called science behind this notion is ‘settled’ may have just met its Waterloo at the hands of 1200 scientists and professionals worldwide. They are led by Norwegian physics Nobel Prize laureate Professor Ivar Giaever, Daily Skeptic reports

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Ah Brian Stelter,

we hardly knew ye! And what we DID know was not good

“Brian Stelter was the most contemptible, vapid, and unbearably smug news-tv character of the past two decades. Good riddance,” Washington Examiner columnist Harry Khachatrian wrote on Twitter. “His departure has ameliorated cable news.”

Taters. Mmmm…

Despotism Moral Agency

NEVER forget!

Your supposed “leaders” did this. Because they stupidly thought went along with the ruse that it would keep people from getting infected with the flu COVID. We all knew that was not true after the first couple of months…

And they dropped sand in skate parks to try and do the same thing.

THIS is the despotic (yet kooky) Left. A strange concoction of malignant goofiness and pure evil. They HATE moral agency in any form. That is what Leftism is all about!

And it’s breathtakingly evil. And if you get in their way, they will crush you like a bug if they at all can.

And as has been the case from time immemorial, YOU have to choose whether or not YOU are on the side of moral agency or on the side of force and despotism.

So where are YOU?



Democrats have been gloating about finally pulling even with Republicans on the generic ballot.

But that may not be true at all.

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Hard to know

what is really happening. But in any case, the Russians are having a hard time, even if Ukraine is exaggerating their successes a bit. There are facts that cannot be hidden.

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Democrats, one

swallow (bird) does not a summer make. Sure, you clawed your way back to even in one poll. But historically, unless Democrats are up 3 in the generic poll, they lose big-time. So we’ll see.

Conservatives, we need to double down. This was never going to be an easy fight, and you need to be prepared to take a punch. But let’s not have a glass jaw, here.

The House is not really in question. The Senate is far more of a question–but then again, it always has been! And 2024 is far more difficult terrain for Democrats to defend.

Remember, 2022 was supposed to be a tough year for Republicans. The fact that Republicans taking the Senate in 2022 is a real possibility is a HUGE shift!

A war is not decided on rumors of one battle. Conservatives need to be made of sterner stuff than this.

Let’s roll!

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Hopefully we’ve

learned and things will be better in the future. MANY of us knew almost from the start that lockdowns were both scientifically bogus and socially ruinous.

Leftist were much slower to catch on–because it reified their Lefty beliefs and supported their Lefty preferences and buttressed their Lefty lust for power and control. But general lockdowns were never a scientifically wise move (that is, if you actually care about people more than power). And we knew that early on…

Sure, they may well have been a good idea from a risk management perspective. But not from a scientific one.

Of course, the question is not whether the shutdowns did more harm than the covid virus. The question is whether covid + shutdowns was better or worse than covid alone. I personally have no doubt that the shutdowns did more harm than good, so that covid + shutdowns was worse than covid alone would have been. That realization is, I think, dawning in many countries around the world. 

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Yeah, it’s


h/t: Powerline

Epistemology Political philosophy

It’s important to

know that there are two main differences between Conservative and Liberal ideology: One is that Conservatives are basically British Empiricists while Liberals are at heart Continental Rationalists.

That is something I have talked about before, and you can bet that I will again. Not now, however. I’m focused on something else. But without that basic understand the whole intellectual endeavor is fraught with anger and misunderstanding.

But there is another: Conservatives seek a restoration of things that have, in the past, been known to work. Broadly, Conservatives want to keep what has been demonstrated in the past to be good. THAT is what is being conserved. Liberals, on the other hand, want to destroy everything and start anew.

It’s related, since we have empirical evidence about what has worked in the past and what hasn’t. But it’s not really the same thing as Empiricism as a foundational ethic. But the Conservative impulse is indeed to keep what has been shown to work, and avoid thinking that you know so much that you can (and should) re-create society according to your lights.

Modern Liberals almost always see themselves as iconoclasts, and seek to utterly destroy the things of the past and start again. The wrecking ball and sledge hammer are never far from their hands. Thus, their focus is famously on the “new man” and “Heaven on earth.”

In other words, modern Liberals are not interested in remodeling society. Their goal is not to “bring it up to code,” it is to tear down the whole thing and build anew (most often in their own image). 

Whereas the Conservative says, “Yeah, it needs some sprucing up but the ‘bones’ are good,” the Liberal says, “Nothing is worth preserving—let’s just tear the whole thing down and build it anew. We’ll build it better this time, because we are so dang smart and awesome that we can do that sort of thing, while the benighted racists/sexists/homophobes/morons/bigots of the past got it all wrong–WE know better now!”

This “take” is not at all controversial. I really doubt even hard Leftists would disagree. It is merely a statement of fact–there IS no value-judgment necessarily attached to it. Liberals want to tear the whole thing down and build anew, while Conservatives want to preserve the historical basic structure.

Hence, the Leftist impulse is to destroy in many areas (such as abortion, BLM, reliance on force, etc.), because such destruction is part and parcel of the whole Lefty worldview. On the other side, the Conservative impulse is to preserve (preserve life, peace, moral agency/freedom, etc.).

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Know the difference…