Civil Rights

Like a dog

with its tail between it legs

Sometimes stupidity get called out!

BUT, it makes me laugh to see these spittle-lipped Leftists have freakin’ coronary that Schumer would call off the vote because it would be a sure loss.

Oh, and note that the shooter got the guns legally. Let THAT sink in for a moment!

Civil Rights

Well said!

Civil Rights



(Sorry, just have the headline–though that is enough)

Civil Rights

Once you

torque off the rappers…

Civil Rights Despotism Evil Fighting Back

It’s really

good news.

But let’s NOT get overconfident and sloppy, here. These moral midgets cheat, and unless the decent people unite, they will continue to cheat. They cheat in order to gain power and dominion. Tale as old as time…

Are you angry? Are you angry about the fraud and the mortal threats to SCOTUS members?

Good. Then let’s roll!

We are in a fight of good vs. evil. NEVER forget that! And if you don’t fight now, it will be over, and it will make absolutely no difference to try and fight later. It will be everlastingly too late for you. And the forces of darkness will brutally reign for at least 3 generations.

So I say, Not on MY watch! I hope you will join me.

Civil Rights

Well, YEAH!

You’d have to be pretty dang stupid (or rigid) to think otherwise!

A study from the non-partisan National Bureau of Economic Research may show that the idea that bad guys don’t want to face armed citizens isn’t just a wild guess.

…“We find that burglaries increased in zip codes with fewer gun permits, and decreased in those with more gun permits, after the database was publicized,” the abstract reads.

… Still, the interesting point is that knowing that people in a given area had guns reduced burglaries in those neighborhoods.

Now, the anti-gun nutters can argue that sure, increased gun ownership led to reduced burglaries, but it led to MORE accidental deaths.

OK, fine. Show me the evidence that that is true. I’ll just wait…

Well, we’re waiting!
Civil Rights


nothing but awesome!

Johnson also encouraged other residents to follow in the homeowner’s footsteps and take gun safety classes, adding that they are “more than welcome” to shoot anyone who is breaking in to their house.

Buffoons Civil Rights


What took you so long?

Civil Disobedience Civil Rights Despotism

Free at last!

free at last! Thank God almighty I’m free at last!

Civil Rights

You know,

this is AWESOME!

Hey gun control nutters, get with this century!

That’s the 25th state to do so…