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The Jan, 6 show

trial was an abysmal failure in terms of ratings (which was the entire point of them).

“Context: The evening newscasts on CBS, NBC & ABC average anywhere from 18 to 20 million viewers combined on a typical night,” Concha explained. “Those newscasts do not air in primetime. The January 6 hearings airing in primetime Thursday took in just 11+ million viewers on those three same networks.” [emphasis added]

… Now, there were more people on CNN and MSNBC than they might normally have, but that’s preaching to the choir — those are the people who already buy into the Democratic talking points on the matter. So, it doesn’t say much; that’s not achieving the purpose of the political show. [emphasis added]

… Bottom line? This didn’t work out as the Democrats had hoped. Most people aren’t interested in seeing a political show. They blame Biden and the Democrats for the failures that are happening now. They know that Democrats are throwing this out as their last gasp before the midterms. They know by comparison the Democrats ignored and even mocked President Donald Trump when rioters were outside the White House in 2020.

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Yes, a complete

trash heap. For the first time in living memory, Howard “The Duck” Dean is correct! Biden was kind of the only half-decent choice. He was the, “Well, fine–there’s no other option” candidate–so the Democrat fat cats again put their thumbs on the scale because they knew that Bernie Sanders was a sure loser in the general. If things had been fair, Sanders would have won. But he “scares the horses” and just couldn’t have won the general election. So Joe it was…

Still someone will surface for Democrats for 2024. Remember, Obama pretty much came out of nowhere.

Again, out of the asp’s den will come a cockatrice…

But there is just no question that the Democrat bench is far from deep. So if not “Biden,” then who?

The Republican bench, on the other hand, is really quite deep. Trump and DeSantis are well-known entities. But there are others (just off the top of my head): Kristi Noem, Greg Abbott, Tom Cotton, (even) Mike Pence (though a long shot), Rick Grenell. Nikki Haley (who may recover from her past anti-Trump faux pas), Ted Cruz, Mike Pompeo, Tim Scott, and Tom Cotton. And there WILL be more. Maybe even Mike Lee.

But every single one of these is a better candidate than Joe Biden, or any known (as yet) Democrat hopeful. I mean, who is the “bench” for Democrats? Harris? The old squaw Wokahontis? Uhmmm, let me think… <crickets chirp>

Well, someone will assuredly pop up for Democrats. But we really don’t have any idea as to who. Newsom? Booker? Klobuchar? Buttigieg?

NONE of the known ones are strong contenders. Not a single one. And they will never let a maverick like Tulsi Gabbard take the nomination–THAT is quite clear (as it was last time).

Current Events Stooooopid!

New Democrat

talking point! Republicans and Jan. 6 participants are the cause of inflation!


Never mind that these points are stupidly incoherent. ONLY a rigidly partisan Democrat fool would even believe them, and then only if they also had room-temperature IQ and/or real ignorance.

But trust me, some Democrats will go bleatingly along with this pile of horse crap. More’s the pity…

What, did they get this from some lame and partisan focus group? Holy crap! Who thought this was a good idea?

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Folks, that is

MORE than brutal. It is apocalyptic! Typically, if things are even in terms of the national vote, Democrats have a 3-point lead in the generic ballot. It’s just the way the numbers have always worked.

Today, Republicans lead in the generic ballot by nine points.

It’s unreal! This IS the apocalypse for the Democrats!

The 2022 midterm elections are now 151 days away, and Republicans have a nine-point lead in their bid to recapture control of Congress.

And it’s only June. Maybe come September people will look more favorably on Democrats. Maybe.

But it’s really after Labor Day that people even start paying attention. Yet things are this bad for Democrats now? And after a summer of horrible gas prices, shortages, and grocery price increases, it seems very unlikely to me that Democrats will get any more popular…


A new Left-of-center poll released this week revealed that Hispanic voters have swung solidly to the political Right amid the disastrous presidency of Joe Biden.

41% for a Republican to 38% for Biden. And Conservatives are learning to fight back:

“Warning, voters! The Left is taking control of our local media. Billionaire George Soros, known for financing extreme leftist causes, is now financing the purchase of Hispanic radio stations right here in Miami,” the ad states. “They are coming with their ideological agenda. Soros and his minions know what this community represents in the fight against socialism in America. This community will not get confused. Under Governor Ron DeSantis’ leadership Florida is standing against the corporate media and leftist disinformation.”


Everyone is seeing it

The senator said, “Unless we turn around, the voter turnout is going to be very, very low on the Democratic base.”

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Don’t kid yourself:

Lefties hate Trump, but before that they hated Romney. Before that it was McCain. Before that is was Bush II. EVERY Republican who runs is said by the Left to be “literally Hitler.” Every. Single. One. No matter who you run or what you do, the Left will say that he or she is, “Literally Hitler.”

I voted for Trump. I figured if the Left is gonna call any Republican who runs against them “Literally Hitler” I might as well get the meanest S.O.B. possible to run! There just IS no appeasing these folks, and it is foolish to even try.

DeSantis will soon get his turn riding that particular bucking bronco! Actually, it has already started…

And Heaven help you if you are on the Supreme Court and rule in a way that displeases the Lefty thugs!

DeSantis and others have shown us the way. It is to never apologize and never back down. In the words of a famous community organizer, it is to “Punch back twice as hard.”

It won’t appease them in the slightest, and so never bare your throat to them. If you apologize, it will just make things worse…

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The Lefty violence

is just sickening! NO moral person endorses this, and it really throws a pall on those who don’t actually do it but sit in silent approbation of these despicable actions.

Gee, I wonder what would happen if someone leaked the home addresses of the “Ruth Sent Us” mobsters! It would sure be a shame if they got the same treatment, eh? Not that I’d recommend that…

Luke 22:

36 Then said he unto them, But now, he that hath a purse, let him take it, and likewise his scrip: and he that hath no sword, let him sell his garment, and buy one.

There IS a time to fight back! It’s a timing thing.

Now, there are those that argue that Jesus’ words don’t mean what we think they do–what the obvious meaning is. I find that argument utterly bereft of sense or logic. The disciples certainly understood, and later Peter tries to kill a soldier, lopping off his ear. No, I think we get the plain sense of what was said!

It’s a timing thing…

The mild-mannered Melvin Milquetoast apologists are just wrong!

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Yeah, I doubt

it, too. With THIS going one, no one gives a steaming crap about the fake Jan. 6 melodrama.

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Well, I’m really not

much of a gambler, but I guess sometimes you gotta bite the bullet and do what gives you a chance at survival, eh?

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pretty much… [h/t Instapundit]

Current Events Fighting Back

We’ve had a

good start. Now is the time to roll up our sleeves and get moving! One battle does not a war make…

“Funny” how they are all Democrats, eh?