Captain Obvious Epic fail

I don’t think Kamala

ought to look a gift horse in the mouth. That’s actually a GOOD thing for her. The fewer people who see her, the fewer who realize that she is a total imbecile!

Joe AND Kamala both need to run from behind the shadows. But for different reasons…

Epic fail

Yes, Nikki FAILey

is a squish. Also: A HUGE loser. Big-time. Did you somehow NOT know that? DeSantis beat her in Iowa. DeSantis (note, I like DeSantis in many ways)–But I mean, look at his poll numbers! And she lost to him. Let that sink in for a moment!

Nikki crumps a lot. She is simply not reliably Conservative. She sells out.

But I really don’t think she is long for the GOP nomination world. And I think she would be a VERY bad VP pick–though I have heard people argue the contrary and those arguments are SO convincing that… I can’t even recall what they are–maybe something about how she can get the squish vote. Sure “squishes” will vote for Donald Trump just because an unpopular and squishy Nikki FAILey is on the ticket. Yeah sure, whatever…

Epic fail

Yes, Nikki is

indeed the establishment’s last hope. She is NOT an agent of change. She represents a backsliding into the Lefty fever swamp yet again. Don’t be fooled–THAT is the choice GOP primary voters are faced with.

She would be a return to the chickenhearted, milquetoast status quo.

Because Biden can’t be President again. Let me clarify: He can theoretically win the election, but he is simply not able to function as President. Someone else (or a small group of others) will do his job.

What is required of him is to eat pudding cups and other soft and bland foods, watch TV, make an occasional highly-scripted statement, and very little else.

But Nikki Haley represents a relapse, a retrogression.

Captain Obvious Epic fail

A repost,

but just KNOW how Democrats manage public assets!

Epic fail Lefty Political Philosophy


Run away!

The latest Census Bureau data on population changes in America should have been a wake-up call to lawmakers in blue states and cities. The Census data provide even further evidence that “soak the rich” tax policies have incited a blue-state meltdown.

California, New York, and Illinois all lost the most population last year. These states have nearly lost a combined 5 million people over the past decade. California and New York could both lose another three congressional seats by the end of the decade, and Illinois another two.

Anti-scientific stance Epic fail

Wow! An

important finding! Or a very muddled one, at least. Maybe deliberately so…


That’s all? It means that of 100 people who had seasonal flu, 16 died in the next year and a half. (With respect to fatalities, we are talking almost exclusively about an elderly and severely ailing population; not reported is how many died in the next year and a half absent either disease.) Whereas, of 100 who had covid, 24 out of 100 died in the ensuing 18 months.

OK, eight more deaths per 100 after 18 months. And not necessarily related to either the flu or to COVID–they didn’t control for that. And not factored in at all is the exposure to the “vaccine” itself! As a scientific methodologist, I would have been utterly embarrassed to have created such a weak and lame study!

But fine, that result makes some sense (though even so, the effect size is extremely modest–miniscule, even. But then, what do I make of THIS?

Regarding both viruses, patient vaccination status did not affect results.

Huh??? Honestly, I don’t know how to interpret that statement given some of the other results in that study that were reported. Do you?

Epic fail

Sowell strikes

back. It was an instant classic!

“I don’t need some half-white woman from Martha’s Vineyard telling me about being black.” 

That, my friends, is a beat-down of cosmic proportions!

Bad Faith Epic fail

In the Navy,

we used to refer to this disparagingly as, “retired on active duty.”

President Joe Biden spent more than 1/3 of the year away from the White House — either on vacation, at Camp David, or in Delaware — in 2023.

Good work if you can get it!


President Joe Biden said Saturday that his “biggest” wish for the upcoming year is to head back to the Caribbean island vacation destination of St. Croix, where he spent the holidays with his family.

Now I can hear all the Biden apologist whiners yammer about how the White House travels with Joe Biden wherever he goes. Yeah, whatever. He is on the ROAD–retired on active duty…

Epic fail Evil

Well, that’s

Biden for you!

“Gary Gensler is a politician masquerading as a regulator,” Rep. Ritchie Torres, D-N.Y. said, according to a November report by Fortune. 

Dishonesty Epic fail Humor Losers

Now that you

mention it, it does seems a little fishy!