Evil Hypocrisy

Look, it’s

ALL fake! Hey Democrats, how ’bout you have a little personal integrity? Is that so much to ask?


Listen to

the Pope!

Or Biden:

Dishonesty Hypocrisy Immorality

Graham has turned

out to be a pretty nasty piece of work.

Graham, Romney, Cheney… They have ALL shown themselves to be turds.

And what is frustrating is the lying! Having them pretend to be something they are not is just aggravating. Whether it’s “Pierre” Romney begging for a cabinet spot with Trump and then viciously turning on him when Trump doesn’t go along or Liz Cheney’s open betrayal, it is maddening. Just stand up for what you actually believe!

And Graham has the skills to actually help. But no, he has chosen the “dark side” and pretends to be one thing when he is really another.

No more RINOs, OK?


The Left’s

favorite concepts. Not overly consistent.

Evil Hypocrisy Ignoramuses

Yes indeed,

lovely people…

Let me translate: “Kiss my butt, you hypocrite!


Yeah, that’s

what you call irony.

Actually, it’s just hypocrisy…

Hypocrisy Piss-poor judgment

Don’t you just

HATE it when you get hoisted by your own petard?

Republican lawmakers say Democrats are now seeing the unpopularity of their fee hikes. “That’s not surprising they are delaying implementation … they are trying to minimize the pain that mostly they caused,” Sen. Chris Holbert, the Republican leader, told John [the author].

… “If you really cared, you’d just repeal it,” quipped Jesse Mallory, state director for the conservative Americans for Prosperity.

SPOILER: They don’t really care…

Look, they are just mad that their abysmal judgment is now biting them in the butt!