Well, it’s

a really great idea!

Finland has announced it will open 300 shooting ranges in a bid to encourage citizens to take a greater interest in national defense.

See, here in the US we can be more lackadaisical (or worse). We don’t have people who have tried to invade and kill us on our borders. Finland has…

Under the Finnish constitution, every male aged between 18 and 60 must complete national army service but the government hopes that civilians will keep their weapons skills after the period of conscription with the new range proposals.

DUH! Wisdom

Yet again. Mainly

conservative states are having economic success.

As is obvious in our history, Democrat rule = crappy economic conditions. OTOH, when a conservative is in charge, the economy gets better.

It might be the easiest answer on Jeopardy: Where is most economic growth in the United States happening? 

If you took “Red States” you win a cookie. The United States is experiencing rapid growth and job creation, with most of the growth occurring in red states.

Folks, it’s not warm weather that is key, here. C’mon!

It is an iron-clad rule. Look at Milei in Argentina, for Pete’s sake! And even here, with all the “Biden” interference, conservative states have MUCH better economies than lefty ones. Count on it! as night follows day…

Any horse’s patootie can grow the economy by waving a magic wand and creating trillions of dollars in economic growth thanks to government spending. The real trick is growing the economy by creating wealth thanks to private investment powered by tax cuts and other monetary vehicles. That’s noninflationary growth, not the artificial imitation growth that Joe Biden created.

So when you vote in November, just know what you’re voting for. And the rule of thumb is this: The further Left a candidate is, the worse the economy will be.


Oh please, let

this happen here!


High tax states

like California are just stupid! Any fool with money to protect moves to Florida

Jeff Bezos’s recent move from Seattle to Miami is already paying off. When the billionaire sold $2 billion worth of Amazon shares last week, he saved around $140 million in taxes

Bezos is not the only one fleeing these high-meddling states!


Well said, Jim,

well said.

“I’d close the damn borders for one and then go find all the people that got in here illegally,” he said.

"Green" religion Wisdom

Yes, I think EVs

are rapidly approaching the end of their “shelf life.”

Again, I think that if I live in a clime like San Diego and I drive 30 miles a day, mainly commuting to work and back, charge overnight at home, I have an ICE car for roadtrips, and have a coercive state government (<cough>California<cough), an EV can make good sense. And I hold to that position.

But if I am a construction boss on an oilfield in South Dakota? Not so much… In that case, I need my truck to handle cold weather. I need my truck to do “trucky” things and have a range that goes beyond a few miles!

Who could have guessed that paying $55,000 (and that’s with EV subsidies) for a stripped-down, base-level truck that overheats when you tow things and can’t drive over 300 miles on a single charge wouldn’t appeal to the average F-150 buyer? Certainly, people who use their trucks for work have found little to no use for such a pointless monstrosity.

… So again, it’s worth asking whether EVs have any redeeming qualities in their current iteration. They aren’t renewable, relying on toxic chemicals mined by literal child slaves in Africa that eventually require replacement. They are less capable than your average gas-powered vehicle. They typically cost more new but don’t hold their value because the batteries are so expensive to replace, meaning buyers get hit coming and going. The list goes on.

Aren’t they saving the planet, though? I’d suggest not given they still rely on power largely created by fossil fuels anyway.  So what’s the point? All EVs are doing is empowering China, which produces 70 percent of the world’s EVs and controls most of the mining of the materials needed to build them. How many billions of dollars are American companies going to continue to throw away pursuing this government-pushed pipedream? The answer is likely quite a few billion more. Eventually, the market always wins, though.

In college, the Mendelian Spousal Unit (MSU) had a geology professor who on the side often evaluated land for housing developments. His saying was, “Nature ALWAYS re-establishes the slope.” Regardless of berms or retaining walls, nature will always re-establish the slope, eventually.

So does the market…


Yeah, that’s

pretty much true…


I really try

to be polite with the Lefties around me. So I try to soften my words a bit:


OK, let’s

see what happens!

Argentine President Javier Milei presented a massive omnibus bill to the nation’s Congress on Wednesday that, if passed, would implement sweeping reforms to the Argentine state in a wide variety of sectors.

Man, I sure wish it was us!


I agree that

Lefties need to curb their natural despotism, here. They really don’t want to take away all peaceable options,