Darwinian Evolution


This article claims:

Humans are a strange exception to this club. For some reason, recipes long preserved by our ancient ancestors were suddenly ‘spiced up’ within a short evolutionary period of time.

“Spiced up.” For “some reason.” How, uhm, scientific. So like a crappy novel writer, just say “magic” solved everything. In an “evolutionary short” period of time. Hmmm…

Can we get some material and/or efficient causes, here? Maybe I just can’t believe hard enough. Help thou mine unbelief…

OK, back to the article: So just where did this presumed “spice” come from? I mean, statistics tell us that the odds are amazingly low that all these changes would happen all at once by chance alone–even over 14 or so billion years–the age of the Universe. We just don’t have enough statistical “headspace”–there’s simply not enough time for the numbers to even be remotely plausible. Plus, the age of inhabitable earth is not anywhere near that of the universe.

Oh, and another thing, just one or two changes would NOT have “survival value”for the organism–in fact, large changes would be catastrophic to the organism, and they would never live long enough to reproduce. So ALL of those changes have to happen in concert.

And then, this is new genetic information that codes the new proteins for the new organelles and body plans and such. New.

So, just where did this new genetic information come from? It wasn’t there before. And it logically could NOT have come solely from random mutations–the math/probability/logic just doesn’t work! The hard data we have is simply not supportive of a “random chance” hypothesis.

The purely chance model the writer seems to embrace is logically bankrupt! You have to take it on faith. But I’m just not enough of a “believer” to be converted to the religion of Neo-Darwinian evolution…

Current Events

Tomorrow has

become today!And you know what? MOST Americans (by a long way) are with McCarthy on this.

Current Events

“Trans” is really

not all that popular with normals. And my prediction is that its star is fading fast. I think that is likely to become a medical mistake joke in the near future. It will follow the trail blazed by hysterectomy for hysteria, lobotomy, thalidomide, and repressed sex abuse memories.

Age-related decline

Will Joe make it

to the 2024 elections? Many think not. He was ALWAYS a senile buffoon (since 2020)–it has NOT been a secret. But I’m not sure a Democrat reckoning can be held off much longer.

“Just 32% overall think Biden has the mental sharpness it takes to serve effectively as president, down steeply from 51% when he was running for president three years ago,” ABC’s Gary Langer notes.

Current Events Polls

Yeah, Biden’s

polling is not good.

On CNN’s State of the Union, host Jake Tapper continued the widespread panic in liberal media circles over disastrous poll numbers released by ABC News & the Washington Post showing Biden losing to former President Donald Trump as well as only 32 percent of voters believing Biden has the “mental sharpness” to be President [ed. Nearly two-thirds of people think he is NOT mentally sharp enough]. That latter point stunned Tapper who subsequently shared the news with his panelists. 


The 2024 campaign won’t be the same as it was in 2020. Biden won’t be able to hide in his basement like last time. He will need to be out traveling the country speaking in front of voters. That will be a serious liability for him. Even the leftist media won’t be able to completely cover up his gaffes and incoherent ramblings since they will air on live television. 

To this I would say, “Yeah, maybe…” I got $100 bucks that says that Biden will try and avoid ANY debates at all.

But yeah, the numbers are just brutal for Biden.

Election Integrity Immorality

Can’t we be

a little more like England? What’s WRONG with Leftists who oppose vote security?

There were no reports of widespread denial of voting by recently implemented voter identification (ID) requirements in England’s local elections this week, despite left-wing scaremongering, The National Pulse can report.

… Before Britain introduced voter ID, it was the only nation in Europe that did not have any requirements upon entering the voting booth.

The Lefty squealing about denial of voting is all just a damned lie, anyway. C’mon, Lefties, get with this century! You should be embarrassed…

Just as in the United States, the claim has been consistently made that minorities would be disenfranchised by the new rules. This race-baiting claim was put to rest in so-called “super diverse” English city of Leicester, where more than 59 percent of residents have a minority background. 

Moral dirtbags. They just want to cheat and voter ID makes it harder for them to do so. DUH!


Yes, yes

he does.

Denial ain’t just a river in Egypt!

Current Events


what is actually going on with the apparent drone attack on Putin?

A third option is that opposition elements within Russia launched the attack to send a signal to Putin that his time is running out. Over a year into its “special military operation” against Ukraine, Russia is an international pariah state, bleeding men and equipment at levels not seen since World War II, and getting little in return. 

… Ukrainian parliamentary leader David Arakhamia speculated that the attack was conducted by Russian oligarchs who have lost a collective $95 billion from war sanctions, and want things to go back to normal. Those insiders would have the means, motive and opportunity to launch a drone strike.

Age-related decline Captain Obvious

Yeah, but does

anyone honestly think that Biden is actually driving the bus? Anyone with greater than room-temperature IQ, that is.

Oh sure, wacky Democrat partisan hacks may say that Biden is running things, but it’s not as if they actually believe it! No one does. Certainly a majority of Americans don’t.

And people are fleeing this rickety old crap-wagon:

Rice leaving raises a new question: who exactly is steering this sinking ship? Ron Klain, the man whom people used to talk about as being in charge, is gone. Now Rice, the Obama connection, is gone, too. Things were already so bad; who is at the helm here? We know there are still folks behind the scenes directing Biden’s every move. But has there been a break within the powers that be, with the Obama connection ducking out?

… They can keep trying to lie to the American people, but we can see what’s going on in front of our own eyes.

Current Events

Well, those

suburban residents residents are just lucky to get a little more immigrant-y.

Some of the thousands of illegal immigrants in New York City will be heading to the suburbs after the city received less than a tenth of the federal funds it requested from the Biden administration to handle the crisis.

Hopefully these suburbians are not the HUGE hypocritical idiots that the Martha’s Vineyard crowd was!