It really IS

pretty dang disturbing! There are people YOU thought were moral who have turned out to be nothing of the sort!

She’s right about the first part. If you’re a left wing Jew watching your friends celebrate mass murder this week then you have my sympathy, but the case that you were naïve is pretty self-evident at this point. It’s not like the sympathies of the Squad or the leaders of the Women’s March or various BDS campus group have been a closely guarded secret.

… But reality has a funny way of intruding on partisan wishcasting. So it appears we’re going to end the year with a bunch of shocked leftists realizing that colonialism and decolonization literally mean giving a high five to people murdering Jewish civilians. Again, my sympathies, but if you’re shocked by this turn of events it’s probably because you haven’t been paying attention.

ButYOU need to choose between right and wrong here–you can no longer conceptually straddle the ever-widening gap.

The Palestinian massacre of Israeli civilians last week was a black and white moment. There can be no excuse for the intentional massacre of over a 1000 civilians and those that accept or celebrate it either have no moral compass or do not accept the victims as human beings.

The celebration of this massacre has been a clarifying moment for me. I consider those who are celebrate or try to excuse it to be fundamentally immoral and I will not intentionally stand with or support them on any issue where I can avoid it. 

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