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Honestly, I

think the key question is NOT why a kid would be at a drag queen show. Oh sure, there are… issues around why a parent would expose their precious child in such a way. Oh, there’s a lot to say about THAT!

But the overarching question for me is why drag queens would want to “perform” in front of kids. Indeed, there are only a few reasons why they may want to do so:

First, obviously, is predatory grooming. And I think that is a HUGE motivating factor. Even more traditionally gay people recognize that and find it despicable! The “LGB” crowd often has no desire at all to be associated at with the “QT+” crowd!

But it is quite clearly bald-faced grooming; It is meant to increase opportunities for child sexual exploitation as well as increase the number of (eventually) adult participants in the future.

Second is a sort of self-justification by the drag queens. If they can get people to normalize their aberrant behavior, they can more fully fool themselves into thinking it is OK or even good. They have their chance to be in the “cool kid” crowd (for a brief, shining moment), and they are NOT going to miss it!

Finally, there is a weird exhibitionism inherent in the personality structures of these folks. There is VERY much a Histrionic Personality Disorder aspect to this! NORMAL people simply don’t exhibit like this!

Well-adjusted people don’t give a crap about displaying their sexuality. Disordered people do.

Culture Morality

I think that for me,

like most people, I just want to see justice and fairness. And those two things seem to be very much in short supply with Biden and his minions.

Missouri Republican Senator Josh Hawley sent a letter to Attorney General Merrick Garland demanding answers to his “disparate treatment” of President Biden’s classified document trove compared to his predecessor’s and pressuring him to appoint a special counsel.

You can’t shame them into good behavior, because the have no shame. The ONLY thing they understand is electoral victory or defeat. And that is the language we need to use to communicate with them.

So are they evil and hypocritical? Yeah, DUH! But that is not at all my point. It is that they don’t speak the language of justice and fairness–at least it is a second language for them and they speak it with a very heavy accent.

Change Culture

The new

Jew. Welcome.

The New Jew does not cower. He does not make excuses for those who hate him, whether white supremacist or black nationalist. She speaks plainly about threats, refuses to pretend they’re exclusive to the far right when she can see with her own eyes that they are not.

… A real political realignment to accompany this shift is coming. It is not here yet. One issue, like support for Israel, often leads to change on other issues, like gun rights. One little time you pull out a thread and where has it led? The whole shawl of Jews-always-being-liberals unravels.

Israel is an imperfect example but it’s still instructive. Israel was once a left-leaning country. It is not today. The shift runs parallel to what is happening with Jews in America. Leftism rewards victimhood and the New Jews have decided to be victims no more.

Crime Disgusting! Hypocrisy

Oh! So there

are even more classified documents–at a different location—that Biden mishandled!

This is criminal. And the Democrat are smoking exploding cigars!

But this is NOT just a political squabble. This is crime! This is a big deal.

And we should have known that Biden himself was guilty of what he accused the innocent Donald Trump of. That’s what these Democrats DO.

Now, do we move toward impeachment based on this clear high crime? That’s a political question, not a legal one.

And one more thing: The documents were found just before the November elections but what he did was hidden until now! Go figure…


You know,

Democrats would be wise to pay attention. I’m not sure they will.


THIS is actually

brave. Folks, it is just evil to surgically mutilate kids!

Current Events Dishonesty


Baby steps

Now they need to “make whole” all the people they damaged by kicking them out.

On Tuesday, the Pentagon dropped its vaccine mandate for military service members following legislation signed into law in December giving the Pentagon 30 days to rescind the mandate.

Epic fail Hypocrisy

Yep, pretty

much. ANYONE involve in Big Solar™ is a faux environmentalist! Make a pathetic amount of power with materials produced by slave labor and child exploitation, and then dump toxic and un-recyclable solar panels in the landfill after their short useful life.

Oh yeah, and preen and pose and posture about how you are so righteous while doing all this!

Do I have all that right?

In northern climates, like where I live, solar panels produce electricity around 18% of the time–not a lot of electricity, any electricity. The vast majority of the time, they are inert.

… What is most telling is that no one bothers to shovel off the snow. Do you shovel your driveway? Yes, you need to. But utilities don’t clear snow off solar panels, as one utility executive recently admitted, because they produce so little electricity that paying to shovel them–most likely, paying high school kids–is not cost-effective. That is the ultimate proof of the futility of utility scale solar power.


There may not

be a big announcement that things have changed. But there will be signs

Current Events Incompetence

I’m sorry if

you have to fly. What a nightmare! Behold the competence of Pete Buttigieg!