Fighting Back


I couldn’t be happier. Then again, I value fairness…

Years of presidential debates tainted by left-wing biases have finally prompted the Republican National Committee to take action. On Thursday, the RNC voted unanimously to withdraw from the Commission on Presidential Debates (CPD), the organization that hosts the general election presidential debates every four years.

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Oh, were there,

now? I guess you really cannot trust the FBI anymore. It’s a shame…

The feds thought they had a slam-dunk case. It wasn’t. No convictions after all that theater. Everyone saw it was an entrapment game. 


Let the

blamestorming begin!

The ever at-hand, “Putin did it!” Dems will go for the ol’ reliable. It’s like, “gremlins” or “the devil.” Democrats think that this excuse will just never fail to deliver.

Current Events

Even Democrats

know what’s coming…

Current Events

Just THINK about

how bad these numbers are for Biden (and Democrats)! When only 37% of the most stalwart Democrats approve…

He won them [young adults] by 24 points two years ago. Two years later, just seven percent say they “strongly approve” of Biden’s performance, the lowest share of any age group. His numbers among young adults are so bad, in fact, that his net disapproval is actually a few points higher than Trump’s was among the same group four years ago.

Corruption Evil


THAT is all sorts of illegal!

Odds are, they will get away scot-free with it. And yet, it is still immoral and illegal.

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Current Events

The thousand-yard stare:


Often, I’m really

glad I don’t have a cat…

Democrat Anti-Semitism

It’s QUITE plainly

clear: Many of the older eastern seaboard schools are irredeemably anti-Semitic.

I never saw anti-Semitism (or anti-Black sentiment, for that matter) until I went to Harvard. And many “good Leftists” were pretty open about their anti-Semitism.

Almost for sure because in the rural West where I grew up there were very few Black people and simply no Jewish ones. Now, I certainly saw Hispanic racism…

I mean, I remember as a kid (maybe 6 years old) when a Black friend of my father’s came through town and stopped to visit (my dad did a doctorate at Berkeley in the late 60s and had friends).

I was fascinated! I had never seen a Black person in real life. As he sat in the living room, I grabbed his hands and inspected them over and over and over.

It was preparation for when I lived in Haiti and kids who had never seen a white person in real life were utterly fascinated by me.