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So when Senator Bob Menedez

11 Dec

was VERY credibly accused of sexual relations with minor girls on the “Lolita Express” going to “Sex Island,”, our vaunted “moral superiors” said… NOTHING. See, a Republican Governor would have replaced him, and they couldn’t have THAT, now could they? Oh, and this was last month.

But when Roy Moore faces very sketchy, at least somewhat disproven, and 40-year-old accusations of dating girls who were not yet 18, Conservatives are supposed to freak out, turn up their noses, and elect a Lefty baby killer in moral protest.


And you buy this crap? I sure don’t.  This is bogus, It is crap-eating hypocrisy. Any fool with room-temperature IQ sees that. The Lefty schtick here is really pissing me off!

As Professor Reynolds said, Weird how none of these paragons of moral leadership got all upset about reports of underage prostitutes and Senator Menendez (D-NJ), when Menendez would be replaced by a Republican governor. . . .

Yeah, weird. You can’t really understand it. If you are stupid!



01 Dec


Since when is repeating yourself plagiarism?

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It is rare that I think

30 Nov

Jonah Goldberg is wrong. But he is, here.

The truth is that it is totally wrong to say that a guy who hits his attacker back in self-defense is equally as wrong as his attacker. No. That is breathtakingly wrong. This is pathetic and intellectually vapid moral reasoning. While it may make the situation cognitively less challenging, it is simply wrong in this case.

The correct response to being robbed is to lock my door, not to unilaterally disarm and go to bed with my doors wide open. Goldberg is just wrong on this. The mindless moral equivalency is just stunning.

I say that as someone who has very much enjoyed and valued Goldberg over the years (I thought Liberal Fascism was a gem–a true revelation and a book for the ages). But he is dead wrong, here.

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No doubt,

09 Nov

that is freakin’ HILARIOUS!

Honestly, how dumb would you have to be to publish this? No, it is more likely that they got rooked by an employee as he or she went out the door. No one can really be THAT stupid!

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John Kerry is a TOTAL idiot.

08 Nov

Total. What a punishment it would be to have to admit that I had ever voted for that IDIOT! Fortunately, I don’t. It would be ipso facto proof of absolutely horrible judgment. Why on earth would the Democrats even nominate such a dim bulb? I mean, he is a total idiot to say this! And this is by no means the first time he has said something breathtakingly stupid.

He faults Trump for accurately pointing and compelling that North Korea has nuclear weapons, when he himself allowed them to get those nuclear weapons! What a moron! Truly, he is dumb as a box of rocks. This is stupidity on a cosmic scale. Honestly, has there ever been a politician as stupid as he is? Maxine Waters, sure, but he is certainly among the top five stupidest politicians, ever.

I mean, where do Democrats get such morons as Kerry, Pelosi, and Waters, the state hospital for the mentally retarded?  Uh, getting elected is a “splinter skill” for them. What is it about Democrats that attracts them to such stoopnagles?

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Now we see the

03 Nov

wages of appeasement and crappy parenting.

Did you really not know that this would happen? Those of us who were far wiser than you warned you.

I thought it was quite obvious what would happen. But then again, I’ve seen a good deal of crappy parenting.

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Remy is

01 Nov

always hilarious.


Obama bullying

19 Oct

appears to be coming to a close.

One can only hope. I, for one, am sick to death of the mean-spirited coercion.

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Here’s what those stoopnagles

24 Sep

don’t understand: They are soiling their own bed. This is sheer stupidity. These guys were never all that smart (with a few exceptions–Steve Young comes to mind), but they have had extremely lucrative talents. Still, it is not at all clear that it will be ridiculously lucrative forever, or even for much longer.

The NFL is withering on the vine due to this kind of crap, and has been for a couple of seasons. Real people are just horrified at the new entitled tantrums. Joe Six-pack is not amused. And they need Joe Six-pack–that is their meal ticket. And Joe Six-pack is NOT stupid.

Attendance at pro games is drastically falling and one sees photos of very sparsely-attended pro games. Cord-cutting is rampant. I hear people saying that they no longer buy tickets and travel to games. I hear people saying that they were once rabid fans but now just don’t care a ton. I hear people say that they thought it would be painful to stop being involved, but now that they have done it, it is surprisingly easy to do without it entirely. I myself cut the cord, and find that I no longer care much about college or pro football. And I used to be a big fan. I no longer care a ton.

Uh, this is NOT college, where “gumby” administrators roll over for every jejune Lefty tantrum. The “special snowflakes” need to adjust, and quickly. There simply are no “safe spaces” where players can go–and still make obscene amounts of money.


When we take a hard look

19 Sep

at what is going on, we that this is a very insightful comment:

In the 1960s, the left was first cool – think JFK, Brando, Sinatra and Miles Davis, and later hip, with the Beatles, the Stones and Peter Fonda and Dennis Hopper. Today, they’re humorless PC scolds, tut-tutting anyone having fun – and that’s not a good look for anyone.

It was just stupid for the reporter to criticize this. Basically, it was an irrational impulse to kowtow to his own psychopathological goofiness–he wanted to hurl stones at Trump no matter what. I know psychopathology when I see it. And this is it.

I think the “reporter” needs to clean out his own drawers before he goes about casting aspersions at others. Physician, heal thyself…

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