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05 Jan

is a huge deal. Hee-yoooj.

I think that it showed very good judgment on Trump’s part to separate himself from Bannon. Now Bannon is really on the ropes.

I’m glad to see it.

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This will be

04 Jan

very interesting. Very.

If Manafort prevails, things are really turned on it head. It would be hard to see how any known charge would stick unless it is pretty directly tied in time and substance to the Russia thing. And none of them are.


It’s TOTALLY over.

04 Jan

Trump has now hammered Bannon and there is no going back. Well, that is probably a very good thing. I think the genius was always Trump, not Bannon. And Bannon pushing Roy Moore was really his Waterloo. That relationship (between Trump and Bannon) will never be repaired.

It also shows Trump becoming a more wise and mainstream and less radical politician. Not that that will satisfy the wacko Leftists or the NY Times and their mindless followers.

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I know

03 Jan

that there are some who have been hoodwinked by the NY Times and the MSM in general, but the truth is that Trump’s tough talk has made us safer. Sorry, haters–you are wrong (and for some of you it is not the first time for THAT–not by a long shot).


I am glad

03 Jan

Franken is gone. I just disagree that he should not leave. Totally.

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I gotta admit,

03 Jan

I never thought Franken would actually resign. I am very glad to be wrong.

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02 Jan

see the end of the Iranian theocracy! I hope the Iranian people have had enough.


Recent photo

01 Jan

of Bill Krystal. Evan “The Moron” McMuffin is standing behind him, but you can’t see him in this photo:

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Yeah, American “journalists” are

01 Jan

way too busy reporting how many scoops of ice cream Donald Trump had after dinner to address this Iran uprising stuff.

They just no longer have either the resources or the expertise to cover such a story. And of course, they also don’t have the inclination, since it reflects badly on their boyfriend, Obama. No, we DON’T have an independent media, and this shows it.

This is a really important story and our MSM is botching it, big-time!

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30 Dec

it’s pretty unreal.

It’s a good thing we have an alternative media, because the MSM really sucks!

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