Dishonesty Evil Clown Media Flying Monkeys PWNED!

Honestly, how

dumb do you have to be? Do I look stupid? No really, do I look stupid?

This was what Vivek predicted that the reporter would do. Not only did he deliver the perfect takedown of this hack reporter and completely own her, but he called it big time. Could the media be any more disgusting, predictable, biased, or hilarious than this? And they wonder why we don’t trust them. This is one example of why. He said she was going to do it, calling her out in advance and still she couldn’t help herself. What does that say about how low they’ll go? They truly have no shame.

See, THIS is why honest people distrust the MSM! The reporter got rag-dolled! The MSM have crapped in their beds and now expect the rest of us to pretend that they smell clean and fresh as a daisy!

Really, I don’t think the MSM understands the level of hatred and disrespect and animosity regular people have for them! MSM, get used to being PWNED like this, because it is far from the last time it will happen to you!