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I think the Bidens

are suddenly feeling the sand shift around their feet.

But never forget: This recent focus on the Biden corruption is NOT due to the MSM suddenly coming to their moral senses and reporting the facts because they love Truth.

Hunter Biden has been making lots of headlines in recent weeks. The corporate media has finally decided to tell the truth about the corrupt behavior of America’s most problematic First Son, and they’re now reporting what most have known since October 2020. Hunter Biden is a corrupt man who has used his famous last name to sell American political access to wealthy foreigners from countries adversarial to the United States.

No, this stuff has been known for at least a couple of years. Joe himself always knew that he was not long for the position, and called himself “a placeholder.” Just enter “Joe Biden” and “placeholder” in a web search. It really isn’t just Conservatives saying this. Or even predominantly Conservatives.

This is a five-alarm fire of political corruption, and Americans deserve answers – as well as to know the extent of Joe Biden’s awareness of his son’s activities. Joe Biden once described Hunter as the “smartest man” he knew. Given the media firestorm on his doorstep today, he may be re-evaluating that opinion.

This is happening because the plan was always to get rid of Joe, by hook or by crook. His disgusting criminality just makes it easier. And we have all always known about that!

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