In the past 60 years

or so, traditional American universities have been anything but nimble. But that needs to change, and such change probably starts with the requirements for a BA.

Now I can already hear the hollering about how this cuts out “generals” that are more about being “well-rounded” than anything else, but I think that is misguided to a large extent. Yeah, it sure does cut into them.

So yes, there may be a couple “generals” that everyone takes, but those would be very few and far between. I think those are luxuries that few of us want to pay for either in money or time (and in a very real sense, time IS money!).

How about I start learning what I need to know in my profession on day 1? Master’s Degree in 4 years!

I just don’t think a four year extension of adolescence (this time with beer!) is all that great of an idea. And it’s even worse for the non-animal-house student who just wants to get his or her degree and get out into the workplace or into grad school.

Yes, tradition says four years. But there is no good reason NOT to make it three. Especially given the yearly costs required to go to most schools. Is another year really worth another $50 grand in debt for tuition, books, food, and housing?

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