Lefty Political Philosophy

You know,

I like this.

Is Zogby always a huge apologist for the Left? Absolutely. Yes, he always puts things in the best light possible for the Left. But being published, he also has to be a bit realistic, or he will lose ALL credibility. He can’t just spout utter nonsense when millions potentially see it and can rebut him.

And unlike most Leftists today he is willing to debate–he is willing to press his point rather than just retreat, whimpering, into the warm and moist Lefty fever swamps. And THAT makes him very much “old-school.” It means that he is willing to stay in the arena and argue facts.

What a breath of fresh air from the facile fleeing of most Democrats!

Of course, being obliged to argue actual facts limits him to reality, something most Democrat shills abhor. So he can look more Conservative–but he is actually not. He’s just constrained by the facts in a way most Lefty shills aren’t.

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