Current Events

We are starting

to see some rumbling. Sure, dyed-in-the-wool Leftists are generally (though not totally) keeping it to themselves. but…

Swapping out Joe Biden for Kamala Harris right before the mid-term elections would be a transparent ploy, and it is likely to backfire.

Yet to replace Joe with Kamala right now allows FAR too much time for the “shine” to predictably rub off the Kamala apple.

It’s a Lefty conundrum. Hammer, meet anvil…

My guess? Democrats will replace Joe with Kamala a month or so before the mid-terms. It is simply not clear that there is another decent choice. Maybe try to tough it out and hope for the best in the mid-terms. After all, Joe is more palatable to the general public than is Kamala. But that still seems pretty risky to me. But maybe less risky than having Kamala take over now…

The wild card in all this is Joe (and “Dr.” Jill) being willing to go softly into that good night. It is not clear that that will happen. Oh, Joe will do whatever he is told and be lead wherever his handlers lead him, of course. His awareness of what is going on is more than a bit… diminished. Build an (another) oval office replica, have a few phone calls with actors pretending to be world leaders and he will never even know the difference.

But I’m not at all sure that Jill and Ron Klain and Hunter and others are at all ready for the Joe Biden dog-and-pony show and gravy train to be over.

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