Conspiracy Corruption

It appears that

people are starting to flip.

Maybe. I sure hope so.

How do we know that it is probably going to encompass more people? Durham discusses grants of immunity to different people. Durham gave immunity to “Researcher 2” to explain what had been done with the data, and that he raised concerns to the defendant about whether the data was being “unlawfully collected and used.”

I certainly don’t want to be overly hasty and impatient. But people have gotten away scot-free so often that it’s hard to believe that this time will be any different. But it does seem like it might be…

You know, it’s kind of a circuitous, complicated operation. And the miscreants designed it that way in order to make prosecution difficult. So maybe YOU don’t understand all the details, and that is on purpose.

It looks to me like they have all they need regarding Sussmann, and so the question would be: will he and/or others flip to reveal more of the relationship? With the grants of immunity, that’s an indication that there’s more coming and that they will already have people laying out a lot of the plan. They already have at least a couple of people spilling what they know. But it sounds like Durham is getting close and tightening the net. The folks in Clinton-land must be melting down right about now.

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