Elections Losers

Uhm, you think

Democrats are unaware?

Not a chance!

Don’t want to waste your time reading the drivel? well, here are the Democrat possibilities (as sucky as they are):

Who might Democrats run in 2024?

Kamala Harris
Pete Buttigieg
Joe Biden–assuming he is even alive (settling for a senile turd because there really IS nothing better)

Oh yeah, the Washington Post is doing this story already, which should tell you something…

But is there a less sucky alternative? NONE that I have even heard of. Maybe some “white knight” will come from nowhere, getting out of the clown car and coming to the rescue. Yeah, but don’t bank on it…

And also, do you really think that Kamala will just gladly step aside for a better candidate? Oh no. Fans of Extreme Gladiator Combat will be pleased…

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