Elections Truth


king of the GOP.

Be honest, is there another person, Republican or Democrat, who wields this kind of power?

And this is real power. It’s NOT derived from some office or official role. It is not forced or coerced. It is devotion, something Lefties and RINOs just don’t, and can’t, understand.

Devotion first and foremost to the Conservative agenda broadly conceived. THAT is something totally foreign to the fractured Left, whose agenda is to have a parti-colored agenda that fits every Lefty taste and scratches every Lefty itch (at least superficially). It’s not really to the person of Trump, but there is devotion to and trust in the person because of the way he has acted. Again, that is something totally foreign to the Left, where being a straight shooter and being transparent is anathema to their presentation.

The Left’s entire project (and their kissing cousins, RINOs) is to blur sharp lines of political philosophy and to pretend to be who they actually aren’t. So Trump has been a breath of fresh air–he actually IS what he said he was!

And that honesty is powerful.

Think people voted for Biden because they loved him? Don’t be absurd! They voted for him because they hated Trump! They would have voted for a moldy piece of cheese over Trump (which, ironically enough, is a pretty darn good descriptor of Biden).

And, on another topic, I’ll tell you what scares Lefties spitless–DeSantis engenders that same kind of devotion due to HIS willingness to be a straight shooter!

And so does Matt Gaetz, and Lauren Boebert, and MTG…

Funny how courage and honesty often win supporters, eh?

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