Lefty Political Philosophy

Well, it’s

only ONE of the problems. But it’s a biggie.

AND, in terms of Roe and the mid-terms:

I went from thinking it would be a boon for the Democrats’ midterms prospects to convincing myself that they’d cry this tantrum out long before then.

I think that is true. The level of Lefty freakout just can’t be maintained. ALL bleeding stops, eventually.

Already, we are seeing a waning of Lefty intensity on this. And I predicted the meltdown to last a week. I may have over-estimated…

But abortion is NOT the issue:

We’re back to looking at the real problems that the Democrats have facing them. Joe Biden is an albatross that none of them will be able to shake, of course. The economic woes he’s visited upon the country won’t be better in a matter of months. They’re busy convincing themselves that none of what’s wrong is their fault anyway.

But lest we get sidetracked, here, there is this much bigger issue going on: Democrats have abandoned rural voters.

The authors of the piece minced no words, saying that the Democrats’ message to rural voters over the past decade or so has been clear: “You don’t matter.”

… The good news for Republicans is that Democrats lack the capacity for self-awareness, so they won’t be figuring any of this out anytime soon.

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