Corruption Evil

Not really a

surprise, now is it?

Hillary has been able to avoid justice for a long time, and I strongly suspect that she will be able to avoid formal justice this time.

But now it is impossible for the public to deny that she is truly a moral dirtbag. She is evil, and everyone knows it.

So what does it say that the Democrat establishment has LONG embraced this evil person? It’s hard for me to see how some of the Hillary Clinton “stink” doesn’t rub off on them. And on Democrat voters in general.

Because maybe YOU didn’t vote for Hillary when she ran for President. But if you are still a Democrat, they certainly did! The party did! She was well-known for her corruption and evil. So since you are voluntarily associated with them, of course you get tarred with their misdeeds…

It just won’t do to have you try and weasel out of it. We ALL knew she is as evil as the day is long and have known it for decades.

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