Fighting Back

Well, let’s

hope so. I think that Conservatives are sick to death of Romney-esque milquetoast RINO squishes.

The conservative future of the Union is federalist. Federalism makes the state governments stronger and the federal government weaker. It restores the proper balance of power in the country. States must take back the rights and authority ceded to the federal government over the last 50 years. Conservative states must join together in a restoration compact to restore their power and influence. A group of contiguous, conservative states, working together, can reverse federal overreach. 

Federalism IS Conservatism! Let us return to Federalism…

Over the last 50 years, our conservative representatives have failed us. They have allowed the Left to win, over and over, on every issue. We elected those of unblemished character to office. They turned out to be hopelessly naïve. We need a different approach. Character matters, but so does practical wisdom, and a passion to fight for liberty. 

It’s time to stop electing oily con-men who just want money and power.

We have plenty of such people to choose from. We can end abortion and turn back the excesses that are destroying the country. Choose representatives with skin in the game, and win.

It’s time to fight back.

The story of Elon Musk’s growing political maturity is not a one-off or an individual data point. It is part of a process, a gathering sea change. What we are seeing is not so much a pendulum swinging back from the extremism of identity politics as the eruption throughout society of contrary fires.

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