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It’s true: Durham

has already won. Regardless of the trial outcome, our eyes have been opened. And what has been seen cannot be unseen.

Whether Sussmann goes to prison or not, we know that he lied to damage Donald Trump. THAT much is really quite clear. We know that the “Deep State” was gunning for Trump. We know that Hillary ginned up the “Russian collusion” crap in order to damage hime–and that she really didn’t care that it damaged the country, too. And there were TONS of “flying monkeys” who where more than happy to carry out her evil plan.

See, we ALL know that Sussmann lied. It’s not even a real question anymore. And we know that the lie was ordered by Hillary herself. Sussman may well go free on technicalities, but we ALL know that is a miscarriage of justice.

Michael Sussmann’s role in this scandal was arguably minor. He was one of many foot soldiers in the army of Democratic Party operatives pushing this concocted narrative about secret Russia-Trumpo connections. Whether or not Sussmann is convicted, there is no longer any doubt about who was really responsible. Her name is Hillary Clinton.

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