Current Events

Yes, yes,

but let’s not get overconfident!

Yes, the Democrats have richly shown that they totally suck at running things. Yes, they have shown that they are an abortion death cult. Yes, Polling shows that Biden is extremely unpopular, and Kamala is worse.

BUT, remember that they cheat. They have NO loyalty to Democracy, and truly only care about power and personal aggrandizement.

Don’t believe me?

OK, as any Leftist what they would choose: A) They win, but only by destroying rule of the people. Or B) They fight a battle of ideas but still lose.

I GUARANTEE you that 90+% of Democrats choose option A.


In this rudderless party, Joe Biden insists he will run again, but even most Democrats don’t believe it. And they now must admit that Kamala Harris is a hopelessly unpopular non-starter for president. None of the candidates who failed in the 2020 primaries – from Pete Buttigieg to Elizabeth Warren to Cory Booker – are any longer considered serious presidential timber. 

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