Hmmm… That’s

a wrap, folks!

Jimmy Carter didn’t know what he was doing and was president at a time when everyone thought the nation was going down the tubes. He was weak. Joe Biden is in the same boat. We have endless domestic and foreign policy crises, and he’s just too weak and stupid to do anything about them. And both men had failed outdoor excursions that put the final note on their presidencies. They were both weak. Biden’s slightly worse in the sense that he’s weak and old. 

Biden’s journey to the Carter side is now pretty much complete…

Well, we still need a killer rabbit. But there is time!

Simple enough, right? The whole incident would have been a nonstory — no reporters were around to witness it — had it not been for Carter press secretary Jody Powell, who recounted the story to the news media himself. Thus, the “killer rabbit” tale was born.

See, it was already known that Carter was an incompetent boob. This reported event just put an exclamation point on it!

And Biden is now breathing that same rarified air…

Like the Haitian proverb says, on a bad day, a glass of milk can break your head open.

The economy is in the toilet. We’re being pushed around abroad. We have an administration that came in way too confident (and too arrogant) that they could solve anything and instead became an endless cyclone of incompetence. To cap it all off, the president took a fall. Why does this all sound familiar? Maybe because we’ve been here before. Biden’s bike blunder has brought the Jimmy Carter narrative full circle. Yes, you could argue that Biden is worse than Jimmy the peanut farmer, but both presidents presided over a trash economy. And both had their weakness exposed for all to see. 

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