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It is absolutely

true. For a Leftist, if you disagree with them, you are one of three things: 1) stupid, 2) evil/corrupt/racist, or 3) mentally ill.

They really have no other explanations. See, otherwise they would have to marshal actual facts and put forth rational arguments. But if you can be summarily dismissed as stupid, evil, and/or mentally ill, they don’t need to make a substantive argument at all! And it is much easier for them that way. Less effort.

Plus, this way they never put their beliefs and assumptions at risk. They know very well that a Leftist who argues a point often becomes a Conservative! So they can’t leave their “bubble” or “Circle of Safety” by rationally arguing a point–it’s far too dangerous to their beliefs!

And (said in a “whine” voice), “Logical argument is hard!”

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