Biden-induced misery Buffoons


Situation Normal: All Bidened Up.”

But when hardcore Lefty commentators are frantically jumping ship in order to preserve even a shred of reputation, you know there are HUGE problems! It’s so bad that even Democrat fat-cats are desperately trying to find some credible person to run instead of Biden…

HINT: There isn’t one.

As one commentator said (The Blogfather), Joe Biden is in Heck right now. The real Hell is still coming!

And a prominent Lefty said, Someone turned up the heat in hell this week

Thanks, Biden voters. Thanks a lot. Waaaay to go…

If you voted for Biden, aren’t you embarrassed? You should be, you know.

Without significant voter fraud, November will see a rout of Democrats of EPIC proportions!

My prediction: Republicans take both the House (a given) and the Senate (very likely). In a best-case scenario, by a veto-proof margin in both, rendering Biden pretty much irrelevant in terms of making law. Now THAT (super-majorities) probably won’t happen. But I would laugh my butt off if it did!

And Democrats are already well on their way in the five stages of grief about losing power.

Is it November yet? Asking for a friend…

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