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Yeah, the BSA

pooped in the soup. I am an Eagle Scout. I spent 6 weeks as a teen in the mountains one summer as staff at a scout camp, teaching wilderness survival and other things. So I signed cards for Merit Badges. And as an adult I contributed money to the BSA.

But no more.

I haven’t had contact with the BSA for decades, and I never want to again. I don’t even want to be associated with them. Neither of my sons (both now married) were involved–and I didn’t encourage them to be so. At all.

The Scouting of my youth is just gone. And it’s too bad–boys being mentored by good men is incredibly valuable. I remember an older gent who ran the rifle range at the scout camp mentoring me as a grandpa. Having a wise Scoutmaster (who was not my dad) to spend time with and to learn from was a HUGE deal for me.

But the “chickenhawks” ruined it. It was too tempting a dish for them to refuse to exploit. And gays who were NOT doing such horrible things still covered for them–aided and abetted the chickenhawks. Tragic!

So the Scouts went gay and co-ed. The group bears little resemblance to the Christian-based organization it once was and has become yet another frontier for LGBT groomers to target children.

… There have been thousands of sex abuse cases connected to the Boy Scouts of America over the years, and now we’re seeing the LGBT movement actively grooming boys and girls to be victims of sexual predators.

Sayonara, BSA. It WAS good knowing you…

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